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The right leadership for today's challenges

I was born in North Charleston where I grew up in a two-bedroom trailer with my mother, four brothers, my aunt and uncle, and my grandmother. My mom was a single mother of five, doing her best to raise us right and keep food on the table. We didn't have much but we had strong values - and I still hold these values today: Work hard, treat people with respect, be honest and hold true to your word, and do your best to support those in need. 


Those values helped push me through the Charleston County school system (Pepperhill Elementary, Alice Birney Middle, then Stall High), and ultimately through Clemson University where I graduated in the top of my class, making me the first in my family to get a high school diploma, go off to college, and bring home a college degree. My story is a reflection of the role of a quality education in breaking the chains of generational poverty.


After college, I moved back home to North Charleston where I have spent my time giving back to my community and advancing causes that help improve the lives of marginalized and vulnerable individuals. My wonderful wife, Jess, and I are raising two fantastic children who will ultimately rely on the Charleston County education system to set the foundations for their future. The urgent need to change the trajectory of underperforming schools in Charleston County hits close to home and will be my top priority as a member of the Charleston County School Board of Trustees.

Students in District 3 deserve a world-class education and successful outcomes that will prepare them for success inside and outside of the classroom. Right now, The reality is that the Charleston County education system is failing too many of its students. Bold actions are required to tackle the toughest challenges facing district leaders, educators, and students. 


I understand what’s at stake for parents, students, teachers, and the community. With the right leadership, Charleston County could be the pinnacle of academic achievement in the state.

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