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New Leadership for a Safer, Stronger North Charleston

Our city has changed quite a bit in the last few decades. As a truly homegrown product of North Charleston, I've been able to witness this change firsthand.


I was born in North Charleston in 1985. I grew up in a two-bedroom trailer with my mother, four brothers, my aunt and uncle, and my grandma. My mom was a single mother of five, doing her best to raise us right and keep food on the table. We didn't have much but we had strong values - and I still hold these values today: Work hard, treat people with respect, be honest and hold true to your word, and support your fellow man when in need. 


Those values helped push me through the North Charleston school system (Pepperhill Elementary, Alice Birney Middle, then Stall High), and ultimately through Clemson University where I graduated in the top of my class, making me the first in my family to get a high school diploma, go off to college, and bring home a college degree.


After college, I moved back home and I now live in Park Circle with my wonderful wife, Jess, and our dog, Cooper. My wife and I both work in Park Circle - she, a practitioner at a dental office in downtown Park Circle, and me, a business leader in a software company at the old naval yard. My roots are here, and I have a deep love and passion for my city and the people in it. I've seen over the years the potential North Charleston has, and my goal is to work with the people of this community to help North Charleston realize its potential in an equitable way.

North Charleston is set to experience explosive growth over the next decade. It needs a leader with the energy, passion, and integrity to manage that growth responsibly and sustainably, and someone who is committed to protecting our vulnerable populations from the negative impacts of that growth. My moral compass has always pointed due north, and I'll be the reliable, ethical leader that this city can count on.  I'll work tirelessly for my city and its people - not special interests. And I'll ensure the rising tide lifts all ships in this community.


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