forward, TOGETHER

"I was born and raised in this city and know firsthand the importance of quality education, affordable housing and having safe communities where residents want to live, work and play. We need to ensure we grow and develop in a sustainable and equitable way, and that all of our residents feel like they have a seat at the table. I want to work for the people of North Charleston, and as a political newcomer, there are no special interests to stop me from doing just that."
Equitable and Sustainable Growth

North Charleston is set to experience explosive growth over the next decade. With proximity to all other tri-county areas and boasting great amenities like open spaces and a bustling food & beverage scene, it's no surprise that companies are clamoring to bring their businesses here. North Charleston needs a leader that can manage that growth sustainably. As mayor, Ashley intends to prioritize businesses willing to invest back into this community, with a continued focus on small businesses that serve as the backbone of our community. Ashley will be an advocate for responsible development that doesn't threaten our resources or our vulnerable populations.

Public Safety

It is time the city of North Charleston said "no more". We can no longer accept gun violence and gun crimes as the norm. As mayor, Ashley plans to raise the bar. She'll work with our great police force and leaders in the community to address crime holistically - from ensuring the youth have productive activities to engage to prioritizing justice for gun crimes. Ashley will also continue to invest in law enforcement to ensure the city has the skills, resources and personnel necessary to combat North Charleston's rising crime.

A Healthy City

As mayor, Ashley will eliminate the food deserts that exist within our city. Whether through grocery store partners or innovative small businesses from right here in the Lowcountry that are focused on bringing fresh local food to local people, she will ensure the people of North Charleston have access to quality food options.

Affordable Housing

North Charleston's diversity is a keystone for its success. One thing that contributes to that diversity is the ability of our residents to be able to afford to live here. As growth continues, we need initiatives that protect those disproportionately disadvantaged by rising housing prices. As mayor, Ashley will ensure the city works with developers who understand this issue and incorporate plans to provide affordable housing options.

A Connected City

Too many areas of North Charleston lack realistic transportation options and safe pedestrian passages. As mayor, Ashley will push for infrastructure plans that connect the city from within as well as to other hubs in the tri-county area. We need to be forward-thinking with our transit plans, and plan for the future. North Charleston needs more realistic multimodal transportation options that prioritize innovation, connectivity and ease-of-access. This includes clean, protected bike lanes, safe sidewalks, form-based codes that encourage walkability, promotion of the planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, and intelligent bus routes that serve those that need it most.

A Green City

North Charleston's young people should have access to a public park within a five-minute walk. Not only does this provide a safe place for after-school and summertime activities, these parks become valuable city amenities in attracting businesses and residents alike. The Park Circle area of North Charleston was built on Garden City principles, and these principles should be reinforced and extended throughout all of North Charleston.